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Good luck to all of the Girls this season—you all should be much stronger now!

We will be continuing with water polo and swimming during the winter session from November 18-February 14 with the Boys. This winter season is particularly important for the Boys to prepare for the Boys High School Swimming Season.

This session will have more of a focus on swimming due to the lack of pool time in the deep end. We hope to see you all on Monday—bring friends!

For more information about practices and to register, click here:

Also, if you have a younger sibling and they would like to swim, please let contact me and I will send a separate email. Thanks again for being a part of the Warrior Aquatics program.

Coach Randy

All the information you need to get registered for 2019-2020 Lady Water Warrior season can be found inside the informational slide show.

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Warrior News Update
Banquet Tuesday Night
2020 Captains Vote
Parka Turn-in

The 2019 End of Season Banquet is Tuesday night (May 28th) at 6pm at the high school (Bubble entrance). We hope to see you there!

Congratulations to the swimmers who earned All-American honors—three individual honors and three relays:
Fletcher Hayes – 200 Individual Medley and the 500 Freestyle (with a new team record!)
Jack Berdahl – 100 Breaststroke

*200 Medley Relay: Fletcher Hayes (10), Jack Berdahl (11), Drake Hampton (12), Benjamin Brewer (12) *

200 Free Relay: Jack Giesen (11), Daniel Bensen (11), Benjamin Brewer (12), Nick Stephenson (12)

*400 Free Relay: Daniel Bensen (11), Fletcher Hayes (10), Benjamin Brewer (12), Nick Stephenson (12) *

All-American photos will be taken soon.

Captains vote Tuesday at the banquet – eligible seniors are listed below.
All team members will be able to vote (including graduating seniors).
Please give it some thought ahead of time…consider the qualities of potential seniors.

Eligible Seniors for 2020
Daniel Bensen, Jack Berdahl, Joshua Camp, Matthew Carey, Owen Collins, Jack Dooley, Jack Giesen, Aaron Ives, Taylor Kelly, Logan Lewis, Gabe Macklem, Corey Mattson, Kieran Pope, Kevin Roth, Jack Seavall, Brody Thompson, Charles Trask, Luke Wiesner

Qualities of a Captain – Note: It should not be a popularity contest!
Directions – Examine the 2020 seniors. Write down three names from each category. The process might help you to choose the most capable and deserving Senior Captains. Each team member may select three team members on Tuesday. If you are unable to attend the banquet, you may send your votes to Coach George Farner at
Coach Farner will tally the final votes.

List the top three seniors to be you trust the most
1. ______________ 2. ________________ 3.___________________

List the top three seniors with the best relationship with their teammates
1. ______________ 2. ________________ 3.___________________

List the top three seniors that will hold their teammates accountable

1. ______________ 2. ________________ 3.___________________

It’s crucial we get all parkas turned in by the end of the season. For these families, please make sure you bring them back (CLEAN!) at the banquet. Deliver to Coach Farner.

  1. Angvall
  2. Conn
  3. Galvin
  4. Either Z Lefever or Zusi
  5. Rowley
    #?? Stephenson
  6. Lewis
  7. Dyer
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All-State Swimmers!

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*Congratulations to Daniel Bensen, Jack Berdahl, Benjamin Brewer, Jack Giesen, Fletcher Hayes, and Nick Stephenson—all named 5A Second Team All-State. *

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