How would you like to get a discount on Booster Fees?

Posted by Arapahoe High School Swim and Dive on Jan 16 2019 at 12:32PM PST in 2018-2019 Girls

Hey Team!

Would you like to get your Booster Fees covered for next year? Want to know a easy way to do that AND raise money for the team?


Stop by concessions at any of our home meets and pick up a King Sooper gift card for $5.00. Each card is pre-loaded with $5.

By using this card each time you shop at King Soopers grocery stores, you will accumulate funds toward your child’s booster fees and make a small contribution to the team.

Last year, parents saved over $3,000 toward this seasons Booster Fees, and the team received over $300 in donations.