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Warrior News Headlines:
Meet Cancelled Tomorrow
Team Feed Changed Next Week, Signups
Volunteer for Banquet Program (Correction!)
Reminder: Big Change in King Soopers Cards!
Coaches Inspiration Corner

Thursday night’s meet against Cherokee Trail has been cancelled due to weather. The coaching staff is hoping to reschedule in the future.

The team feed next week has been moved to Thursday 3/21 (previously Wed 3/20) at the Agnvall home, 5429 East Mineral Circle, Centennial, CO 80122. The booster club supplies the entrees but we rely on parents to supply the sides and extras. Please sign up for 3/21 meal here:
Or you can sign up for the April 15th feed here:

I mistakenly listed this as the Banquet planner position a couple days ago. We actually need someone to compile the PROGRAM for the Banquet. This is the perfect role for someone who may not be able to participate in meets—it’s easy and you can do your volunteer time on YOUR time. If you want to hear more, please email Lisa Wuthrich ( or Sandi Stephenson ( Thanks to all our volunteers—you make this team work!

King Soopers is making a big change to their rewards program. No longer do we have to use reloadable gift cards, now we just use our KS rewards number and connect it to the booster club and every time you use your rewards number you’ll receive credit.

Directions on how to register:
Go to
Once logged into your King Soopers account look for the Community Rewards link on the left side of the screen, click on it search for Arapahoe High School Boys Swim & Dive either by name or LX676 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card.

Customers must have a registered King Soopers rewards card account to link to your organization. If you do not yet have a King Soopers rewards card, they are available at the customer service desk at any King Soopers.

REMEMBER, purchases will not count for your organization until after your participants register their rewards card. Participants must swipe their registered King Soopers rewards card or use the phone number that is related to their registered King Soopers rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count.

It is our understanding that as more clubs register with the program you can link more than one program to your rewards account and you should be able to switch between which program you want your purchases to go towards. Any gift cards you currently have will not expire but if you reload them after March 31st those amounts will not be applied to your credits. If you have any questions please contact Kimberly Lefever

Coach Richmond asked us to send this along. Reprinted from Olivier Leroy,

Hello there,
Happy Wednesday!
Here’s a Captain Obvious-sort of question:
Does your goal in the water mean a lot to you?
When you think about the moment you smash your PB, make that cut, or get your hand on the wall first, does the thought of it give you a rush of goose-bumps?
You want it. And you want it real bad.
You would do just about anything for the dream.
Can you say the same for your process?

Prioritizing your process
The way things go down for us on race day is largely a result of our process in training.
Technique? Your process.
The conditioning you bring with you onto the block? Process.
How about the mental approach you use when you are pacing nervously before the final? Yup—more process.
Swimmers (and divers) generally know what they need to do in order to be successful with their goals.
They know they should focus on their technique. Show up to all the practices. Eat like a chlorinated champ.
But they don’t treat these things as the priorities that they are.

They don’t defend their process on a daily basis.
Every day when you step out onto that cold pool deck you are building the performance you are going to have on race day.
We know this.
And yet, we sabotage our improvement by making our process vulnerable to the whims of our motivation, we complicate it, or we simply don’t prioritize it.
Here are some of my fav ideas for how you can bulletproof your process.

Don’t treat your process as an after-thought.
Your process isn’t something you should get to if you “feel like it” or if you have enough time.
Be proactive and plan your day and training around the things that matter most to your swimming.
This means scheduling the things you need to do. (“At 8:30pm I am going to meal prep for the following day.”)
Doing them earlier in the day (first thing in the morning?) if you find that they are getting perpetually pushed to the next day. (“At 7:00am I will go for a 5km run followed by a 30-minute stretch.”)
And clear-cutting the fluff of life that can endlessly fill our days. (“After I have finished my homework and foam rolled I can sit down and play around on my phone.”)

Avoid “conditional stacking” the important parts of your process.
I see this happen all the time and the reason it frustrates me so much is that I’ve been guilty of it myself on more than a few occasions.
Basically, conditional stacking means you pick something new and awesome you want to add to your process (Going for those 5km runs in the morning, doing weights after practice at night, eating better, etc) and making it conditional on another new goal.
Here are a couple of examples:
“I will give a great effort at practice…after I have mastered my diet and start eating better.”
“I am going to start making more workouts…after I get my sleeping habits under control.”
The first part in both of those examples is hard enough—don’t overcomplicate them by making them conditional on something else that is possibly even harder.

Make things easier on yourself.
The trick to a great process isn’t necessarily having more willpower than you did yesterday. (Even though that can certainly help!)
Instead of trying to summon more willpower to conquer your process by brute force, work on making the hard things a little easier.

Here are a couple of ways to do this.
Do you struggle to get up in the pitch-black darkness of those early mornings for AM practices?
(Join the club!)
There are things you can do to make this easier including packing your swim bag the night before, having breakfast made, and laying out the clothes you are going to wear to the pool.
Do you find yourself giving up on the main set a little earlier than you might like?
Put a motivational saying on your water bottle, commit to doing one rep at a time at full effort, and visualize the competition in the lane next to you during those taxing sets.
These examples seem small, borderline trivial, but so are the decisions you make when you abandon your process. The moment you decide to give up on the main set or to sleep in is made over the span of a couple of seconds.
Make things so easy on yourself that you have trouble saying no to your process.
At the risk of sounding like I am exaggerating or being hyperbolic, the things that make up your process make up your swimming. Especially on race day.
Treat it accordingly.
Defend it from the uncertainty that things aren’t happening quickly enough.
Defend it from the endless series of distractions coming from your screens.
Defend it from the illusion of shortcuts and hacks that promise overnight results.
Your process is yours.
Defend it.
See you in the water,
P.S. The process—you’ve heard me wax on this very topic a number of times in the newsletter and on the blog. And for good reason. I’m a huge fan of its power and ability to supercharge the performance of swimmers.
Conquer the Pool: The Swimmer’s Ultimate Guide to a High-Performance Mindset has a full section devoted specifically to this topic. You’ll learn how to build a process that is unique to you and your goals and ways to bulletproof it for the duration of the season.


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