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*An Arapahoe graduate is working on a sports documentary and looking for student participation. Coach Richmond is sharing this letter with you. The documentarian’s email is below and the student questionnaire is attached if you want to pursue. *

Hello! My name is Savanna and I am a college student at the University of Colorado, Denver. I am in my third of studies- studying film and television. This semester, I’m taking a documentary class and as a final project each student is required to make their own documentary.

Since last year, it has been my focus to make one with the basis that sports help alleviate stress and create comradery in teenagers. Since I am an alumni of Arapahoe High School, I thought ‘What better way than to showcase what my old high school has to offer.’.

After speaking with Mrs. Promenko (the principle of AHS), Mr. Ewert (the superintendent of LPS), and Mrs. Bradley (an educator at AHS)- they all believe a project like this would be beneficial to all involved parties. My documentary is titled (so far) ‘I Am A Warrior’. I know Mrs. Bradley has spoken to a few of you about this project and your willingness to help. (Thank you so much!)

I am currently looking for students in different sports to be interviewed about what student athletics do for them. How does it help them cope with everyday stress? What do they hope to achieve with playing said sport? Etc…. Would it be possible that any of you/your athletes would be interested in participating in this documentary? Part of filming would be done inside of Arapahoe High School, while other filming (b-roll = extra footage) would take place during games and practices (if allowed).

I do not have current filming dates yet as I am working with Mrs. Promenko and Mrs. Bradley to establish when that will be possible. However, I would like to coordinate with you as well to figure out the best possible times my small crew and I can film- without disrupting practice.

Lastly, I would like to request that I come in to one of your practices and speak to you/your team about the project. I have all the proper and appropriate forms that would need to be signed; as well as, a questionnaire for the student athletes to film out.

Attached above are those forms and the questionnaire. If it is not a possibility for me to come in and speak, I would ask that you please print them off and hand them to your athletes then scan them to me.

If you have any question, comments, etc. please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Savanna Poelma
The College of Arts & Media
University of Colorado, Denver

The document Student_Questionaire_.docx was attached to this post.


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