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Hello Arapahoe Boys Swim and Dive Team and Families,

First and foremost, we hope this communication finds you, your family and friends safe and healthy.

The purpose of today’s communication is to answer some questions about how we will draw the Boys 2020 High School Swim and Dive Season to a close.

The definite outcomes we can report to you now are:

• All Seniors will be receiving their Varsity Letter for this season

• To date all of our Sponsors/Advertisers have agreed to either donate their fee to our Heart of a Warrior scholarship program or apply a credit to next season’s sponsorship/advertising

• While our 2020 AHS Boys Swim and Dive Booster Club fees ($200) have already paid for the following planned/incurred expenses: coaches’ salaries, team suit and t-shirt, website fees, the parent social, and breakfast feeds, there is a portion remaining that has not yet been spent since the season was suspended so early. As such, the Board is offering you the following options:
1. Credit: a $60 will be credited to your account towards next season’s Booster Club fees;
2. Donation: Donate your $60 credit toward building our Heart of a Warrior scholarship program;
3. Refund: $60 will be refunded to you.
• Please Note: You will need to contact Kimberly Lefever ( to let her know which of the following three options you choose by May 15th. If you do not respond by May 15th, your balance will be donated to the Heart of a Warrior scholarship program

• Anyone who may have paid a Spring Athletic Fee via RevTrak prior to the suspension of the Spring season, please follow up directly with Janelle Weems in the AHS Athletic Department office. The AHS Athletic Department was just preparing to load Spring Athletic fees to our RevTrak accounts. While they do not believe that anyone was billed or had paid those fees, if you did, please let them know.

The Board and Coaches are still working on plans for outstanding actions items, including:

• Returning the Team parkas that were already handed out
• Options for the End of Season Banquet and Senior Recognition
• Varsity Letters for non-Seniors
• Voting for next season’s Captains
• Filling open roles for next season’s Booster Club Board

Even though we had to cancel all our swim team plans this season, we hope to re-connect well before next season as per guidelines from the State of Colorado and CHSAA for this summer and/or fall.

Look for more communications in the weeks ahead as we get more answers. Until then, please stay safe!


AHS Boys Swim and Dive Team Booster Club Board

On behalf of our entire Arapahoe Swimming and Diving coaching staff, we are and have been disappointed and obviously disconnected from our team, our coaching staff, as well as a season-long journey we were all looking forward to traveling together.

On a personal note, I am especially saddened for our senior boys. Please note, the 2020 Captains and ALL OF THE SENIOR BOYS are a top-tier collective group of gentlemen who have exhibited admirable leadership, a team first mindset, and personal character beyond compare.

Second, I am sure many of our boys are disappointed in the current situation, as well as the foreseeable future. I have attached an article from “Psychology Today” with advice in dealing with disappointment.

Third, I propose the boys share their thoughts about their situation:
a. mentally b. physically c. emotionally. Perhaps sharing perspectives with their teammates might provide some relief as well as somewhat therapeutic.

Fourth, I suggest the boys share a book they are currently reading or one that has had a positive impact. Hopefully, the boys are reading and broadening their horizons intellectually. I am currently reading the following five books:
1. Dan Milliman’s “Way of the Peaceful Warrior – A Book that Changes Lives”
2. James Kerr’s “Legacy” – What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life
3. “1776” by David McCullough
4. “Think Like a Freak” from the authors of Freakonomics’ Offer to Retrain Your Brain.
5. “The Story of Philosophy” by Brian Magee

May I suggest that the athletes journal ten things they are grateful for, and send them to me if you would feel comfortable sharing.

Perhaps we should have a group meeting this week. We would need to identify a day and time after the school day perhaps via Zoom.

I would like to set up individual meetings over the next two weeks 10-15 minutes simply talking to each team member about their swimming while checking in on a personal level. (How are they doing?)

I have plans to begin calling the senior boys this week and work through the list alphabetically.


Coach Mike Richmond

*Warriors, there’s so much we don’t know, but we do know that your physical and mental health are very important to this community. Please keep yourself busy, workout at home, appreciate your families, and be ready to come back strong whenever it’s time to come back. You are some of the finest young men in Colorado and we will all rebound from this difficult time. *

Please be aware that CHSSA won’t allow Coaches or Captains to organize anything formal including workouts or meetings. However, we are allowed to have some fun… So watch your texts this week as we will be having Pushup Challenges among the grades… Freshmen on Monday, etc.
We’ll be reporting the results here:

We are looking to organize an optional virtual gathering with the athletes in later days.

Coach Richmond suggests this dryland workout this week:

Please know that we have stopped updating the calendar until we know more about the schedule.

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Hiatus Workout

Posted by Arapahoe High School Swim and Dive at Mar 15, 2020 7:51AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Coach Richmond has sent the following Dryland and Swim workout for our “down” period. Please stay safe and healthy, and practice proper social distancing.

Attention – Arapahoe Swimmers,

The following are guidelines and videos you can easily access. Swimming workouts are provided following the Dryland information


Caution – First and most importantly, make sure you do not do any movement that potentially will cause injury. The point is to remain active by gaining strength – moderately and progressively. Feel free to shorten the recommended number of rounds and progressively increase rounds and intensity

You can accomplish dryland at home or at a rec center (as long as the rec centers are open).

The following dryland exercise videos are recommended.

The first one below suggests a basic and advanced exercise routine completed multiple times.

We recommend you begin with the basic routine – 3x per week.

Dryland Exercises For Swimmers
(Strength Training) | Whiteboard Wednesday

The Arrow free dryland plan offers numerous specific basic and advanced dryland exercises – take a look. Examine, learn and perhaps experiment.

2. Dryland Exercises For Swimmers: Arrow freestyle swimming technique

3. Nebraska Dryland Video – excellent progression and very specific

Basic dryland option either prior or after swimming

Additional Dryland:
The following dryland set can be repeated (2x) before or after a swimming workout. If before swimming, use it as a basic warm-up.
10 each arm circles: sm, med, LG.
10 butt kickers
10 high knees
10 arm swings
10 side lifts
10 burpees
10 roll-up & jump
10 mt. climbers X3
plank: shoulder, side, waist, knees, feet
10 push-ups


At the most basic level – aim for 10 minutes away from your home with 10 minutes (or 12 min. out/12 min, 14/14,) or less on your return home.
Mix it up. The point is to raise your heart rate.
Aim for a minimum of two times a week as many as 4-5 days per week.


High Quality – INTENSE fast short-yardage set
Begin with an EZ 200 yd./meter

Group I. 20×50 3@45 fr. 2@55 fl 1000
Group II. same as above 3@:50, 2@:60
Group III. same as above 3@:55, 2@:65 or add:05 if too fast

Next set…add:05-:10 or:15 seconds according to needs
Group I.
3@45 free 2@55 back.
3@45 free 2@60 breast.
5@40 free. Color – Red (Heart rate 150-160 beats per minute/bpm)

12×25 @ :30 2(x25) swim build swim speed to the wall,
2 swim smooth, 2 build, 2 smooth .3/1300

Final swim set – you may choose to do
1x, or 2x reps. (repetitions) vs 3x below
3x100@5:00 sprint free
3x100@6:00 sprint spec. i.m.= fl-bk/kick-brst/brst-fr (1) in heats (54:00)
3x100@7:00 sprint spec. in heats
Focus is to race & compete!
4. Recovery (white color 120 bpm) 150-200 yds./meters

Sprint Group -

Very short workout – at least you swam…?
From Sprint Group – Girls 2020

Three days prior to A-League
500 smooth…easy (EZ) relaxed if the water is warmer than you are used to. The warmer water will tire you out sooner if you work too hard. Remember, the final three days of rest are most important for Sprinters – and 100 stroke swimmers. .500

4x 75 @1:30 choice mix (i.m group (odd’s) fly-bk.-bst. /bk.-bst.-free 25’s
4x 50 @1:10 kick choice (i.m. group)
4x 25 @:40 1. DPS / 2. Build speed to the wall / 3. 2 cycles fast / 4. Fast 15 yds-meters ez to the wall. .6/1100

Three times (3x) through the following set:
50 kick build 25 / ez. 25 @ 1:10 to 1:15
50 swim Dist.-Per-Str. (DPS) @:60
2×25 2 cycles fast @:45 .45/1550

1x 25 or 50 (depending on if you swim 100’s (race pace 25) or 200’s (race pace first 50)
Emphasis is on the first 25 speed of your 100 or of your 200 race.
Use your breathing plan during the first 25, or first 50 of the race you choose.
**Take plenty of rest before you complete the following:
2×25 (12.5 to 15 blast – fast speed / e.z. to the wall @ 1:30 – 2:00

Recover at least 100-200 yards

Middle Distance (200/500 distances)

Focus – Moderate speeds – Pace work-out practice for 200 & 500 swimmers.
Note: All swimmers can do this set.

Note: The following set was for middle-distance state qualifiers Megan Bergstrom and Miri Griffin – State group within two weeks of state 2020.

1. w.u. 200 fr./100 str. X2

2. 12X50 1-6 55 drill or dr-swim. 7-9 @ 50 DPS hold str. count 10-1245 des. by effort. Do not worry about time.

3. 2x (below)
200@3:10 buoy
2x100@1:40 drill-swim by 25’s
2x 200@3:10 bouy brth 3
4×50 @60 flutter kick (or :65 if meters)
30 sec. rest

4. 100 EZ/(2900)

5. 2×100 1:20 strong, 2x1001:50 500 pace +3 seconds
2×75 1:10 quick/strong, 2x100 @1:40 500 pace +2 seconds 2x50 @60 strong, 2x1001:30 200 pace +1 second
2×25 (#1)40 strong, (#2) Fast.

6. 200 ez/4250

7. A long recovery pull would be good if you desire.
Not sure if you will swim meters or yard

Middle-Distance State group options

Option #1

(3x below)

General Warm-up of 12-1500 mix

1x100@1:45 fast free Blue speed 1x400@6 smooth buoy

2x75@1:30 fast free Blue speed 1×300 smooth @5 buoy

3x50@60 fast free or specialty stroke Blue speed 1×200 smooth @3 buoy

4x25@45 race! free or specialty stroke Purple/L.Tol. 1×100 smooth @2 buoy

1-minute rest between above set

300-400 EZ warm-up

Minor set before the main set state dist. (as well as, options for the 200 distances and below).
6×150: (2x) #1-2 swim.@ 2:15 steady pace hold stroke. count, #3 kick 3:10 build 6x100: (2x) #1-2 swim.1:30 steady hold stroke. count, #3 kick 2:10 build speed 6x50: (2x) #1-2 swim.45 steady hold stroke. count #3 kick @1:10 build speed /1800 yds/meters

The State Sprint group should do the above set ( with fins and descend on the-
last part (#4-6) of the 100’s and all of the 50s swim at:60

Main Set – Mid Distance group
1x500@7:30 neg. Split (or, 200 group
(Or, 200 groups 1x 400 on 7:00

5x100@1:40 desc. 1-3 to 500 pace hold 4-5
(or 200 Group – 6×75 des 1-3 1:15, Des 4-61:30

30 sec. rest

Mid Distance (500 swimmers)
5×50:60 desc. 1-3 to 200 pace hold #4-5 Or, 200 and below distances 4x 50 tight fast descend 1-3 (blue speed/heart rate 160-190bpm) @1:10, Race #4 1x1003 EZ kick-drill by 25. 3150 yds.

3. Sprint Group Main-Set
1x 100 on 1:45
4x 75 @ 1:30, odd # build speed, even fast-EZ-fast by 25s
1x 150 on 2:30 EZ

6x 50 @ :60 (Blue speed/HR 16-170),1-2 bu./fast 25s, #3-4 37.5 fast/12.5ez,
#5-6 @1:30 All-out effort Purple(L.Tol)
200 on 3:30-4:00
10x 25 on :45 (o) controlled-build-fast, (e) RACE!
250 ez – White recovery 1550yds/meters (this set)

600 mix

(2x thru this set)
2x 25 @ :30 Drill – Swim 25’s
2x 50 @:55 K-S 25’s
2x 75 K-D-S on 1:20-1:30 choice
6x 25 (o) build / (e) 2 cycles fast @:40 .9/1500

3a. Mid-Distance set (or IM set below ***3b.)

Note: sprint group – starts at the 400 then 12×25 (add 4×50 lactate tolerance on 2:00 instead of 1×50 at the end.
500smooth on 7:30 good technique
16×25 (1-Smooth / 3-tight descend to fast) on :30 if distance (or :40 if 100/200 events)
400 Free on 6:00
12×25 (1- Smooth / 2-FASTER) on :40
300 Free on 4:30
8×25 (1-Smooth / 1-FAST) on :40
200 Free on 5:30
4×25 (ALL FAST) on :40
100 Free Recovery on 2:30
1×50 (For Time — SPRINT) 2650/4150

3b.IM’ers 16x 75 odds fly-back-breast. “faster” transitions emphasis / even free DPS@ 1:20/1:10
200 ez .2/4350
Kick 2x super 500 Rd. #1 (25’s @:35 build / 50’s @1:35 ez-fast by 25s/75’s 1:35 mid 25 is faster)
Note: you may stop after rd. one of kick set
50-25-25 / 75–25 / 50-50 / 25-75 / 25-25-50
Rd. 2 is all K 25s fast / K 75’s build / 50’s are swim ez – same intervals 1.0/5350
200 ez .2/5550

Options: 20×25 (3×25 ez / DPS on :30 plus 1×25 sprint breath 2’s or 3’s on :60)


First Meet Tomorrow
Details on the first meet were sent in the last update. Attached is a TENTATIVE Roster (as of Tuesday) for Thursday’s meet at Smoky Hill. Please know that rosters often change regularly, even on meet day, so students should keep checking in with coaches and captains.

JV Schedule
There’s been some confusion on the current JV Schedule. Here is an update from Coach Randy:

Monday and Wednesdays: 5:20-6:45 pm
Tuesdays and Thursday: 6:40-7:30 am (*no practice this Thursday due to PE event in the morning)
Fridays: Off
Saturdays: 10:00-12:00 am

**Also, we will offer a practice after school on Thursday from 3:40-5:00 pm for those swimmers not participating at Smoky Hill.

First Team Feed Signups
The Booster Club provides the main dishes for Team Feeds but desserts and drinks are provided by parent volunteers. Here are sign ups for the first two:
Wed Mar 18:
April 15: